Pro Digital Night Vision

Night Vision Binoculars Pro


Up to 150 yards at night, 400 yards during the day.
Electronic view finder, Large F1.4 aperture, IR LED, 1X and 2X zoom. Perfect for hunting, camping, spectator sports, etc. Battery operated. Comes with padded neck strap.

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Night Vision Binoculars Pro Specifications

Viewfinder: EVF mode
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Aperture: F1.4 with adjustable aperture day and night dual mode Operation: Preview
Visual distance: Up to 900 feet (300 yards) at night, 1320 feet (440 yards) during the day
Zoom: Up to 2X
Object lens focus: Manually adjustable
Visual angle: 10 ̊
Luminance: IR LED / total 1W
Power supply: Alkaline AA battery x 8
Power consumption: 1.5W with IR LED fully on
Size: 7.25” X 5.50” X 2” (approx.)
Color: Black


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